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Music for a Medieval Feast | Trouvere | Stock Code: cd0297
The music and merrymaking of a 13th - 14th century feasting hall is brought to life on the latest CD from Trouvere! The range of instruments featured includes bagpipes, flutes, citole, recorder, harp, rebec and percussion to create a lively mix of instrumental music ideal for any medieval banquet.

1. Stella splendens, 2. Miri it is, 3. Quen a omagen, 4. A madre do que livrou, 5. Lauda novela, 6. Por my gran fremosura, 7. Ben pode Santa Maria, 8. La rotta, 9. Como poden, 10. Avirgen mui groriosa, 11. Ductia, 12. Por conforter mon corage, 13. Brid one brere, 14. Gran sendece faz, 15. Ad honorum tui/Audites principes, 16. Parti de mal, 17. Loybere risen, 18. Sumer is icumen in, 19. Marivillosos et piadosos, 20. Comossomos per consello, 21. Santa Maria stella do dia/Quen diz mal, 22. Des oges mais, 23. Quen quer que.
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Christmas Musicke | The York Waits | Stock Code: bk0029
The York Waits at their best, great Christmas music that is a refreshing change from Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Rednose, etc. This CD makes great listening at any time of year. Deborah Catterall's clear voice demonstrates why she specialises in early music. The Waits and Ms.Catterall are a perfect match.

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The sound of the Sutton Hoo Harp | Peter Horn | Stock Code: cd0005
The sound of the Sutton Hoo Harp
Saxon Music has little recorded evidence, this cd gives a feel of what it may well have been like.

Performed by Peter Horn who also built the instrument this is an interpretation of what the Herpe would have sounded like with early English folk songs and readings of Saxon poetry in both Old English and modern translation

The Saxon Lyre or Hearpa, Hearpe or harpa is an instrument unique to a people and time. Indeed we are one of the few who make them now. A number of them have been found, typically made from a single piece of wood and rarely exceeding 25 mm in thickness these instruments are those used by the traveling bard or in the Saxon Home

Although short (37mins) this cd is not only enjoyable and evocative but an unusual addition to any collection of early music.

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