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Invitation to the Partsong Book 1 | Edited by Geoffrey Bush and Michael Hurd | Stock Code: bkps1
Invitation to the Partsong Book 1 - Edited by Geoffrey Bush and Michael Hurd
30 rounds and catches for equal voices from 18th- and 19th-century England.
ARNE, Thomas Interrupted assignation (3-part)
Playhouse hubbub (4-part)
BAILDON, Joseph Mr Speaker (3-part)
On a dram of liquor (4-part)
Strephon and Chloe (3-part)
BATES, William Comical fellow (3-part)
BATTISHILL, Jonathan Hapless lover (4-part)
I loved thee beautiful and kind (3-part)
CALLCOTT, John Ah! how Sophie (3-part)
Historians (3-part)
COOKE, Thomas Let's have a catch (4-part)
DANBY, John Poor Jane (3-part)
HARRINGTON, Henry Arrival at Bath (3-part)
Laughing catch (3-part)
HAYES, William Repentance (3-part)
Sophocles' tomb (3-part)
HORSLEY, William Pastoral (4-part)
Sweet are the blushes (3-part)
MORNINGTON, Earl of Kiss and tell (3-part)
PAXTON, Stephen Holy matrimony (3-part)
SMITH, John Stafford Elegy (4-part)
STEVENS, Richard Stock-jobbers (5-part)
WEBBE, Samuel Arabella Young (4-part)
Between two fires (3-part)
Celia's charms (4-part)
Come dearest love (3-part)
My favourite swain (3-part)
Now we are met (3-part)
Riot, The (5-part)
Stay, Daphne, stay (3-part)

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