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Dove Harp - Medieval style harp - Solid Pillar | Stock Code: bmi075sol
Dove Harp - Medieval style harp - Solid Pillar
Dove Harp - Solid Pillar
Medieval style harp
All Busy Mole made harps are made to order please contact us for details of and to order your harp.
Medieval harp styled on illustrations in a range of period documants
The Dove harp is a small harp with a hardwood construction available in a range of woods, Illustrated are elm and mahogany, with a tapering soundbox.This Harp is available in 15 or 17 strings, standing 60 cm tall, it makes a small and very portable instrument with a supprising volume. The harp produces a bright sound, and is easy to play. Available in a range of woods and with nylon or wire strings.Also available with gut stings at extra cost, please order separately, see below.

The design is based upon images from carvings in Scotland and Ireland datiing to the 8th and 9th centuries and later showing a basic Triangular section harp with a curved pillar. the Dove harp is available with either a solid pillar or a lamminated pillar. Lead time 12 weeks Please note these harps are playable historic reconstructions they may not have modern standard string spacing
Dove Harp - Medieval style harp - Solid Pillar

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