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Gothic Harp 19 string. | Stock Code: bm005
Gothic Harp 19 string.
A 19 string Gothic style harp, typical of harpd in use from the 15th century onwards. This harp has the elegant sweeping curved neck and delicate pillar typical of this style of harp. Spruce sound board and rosewood body, strung in nylon with trough tapered pins and a carrying case.There are 29 DuPont™ Nylon stings. Unlike modern harps, the gothic harp is not strung from the back. Each string is held into the soundboard by tension and a small button topped peg. This is a non-standing lap harp with delicate lines. The graceful arm and pillar are accented with fluid curves. You will love this beauty. 40 inches long by 20 inches deep. The base of the resonator is 5.25 inches wide by 2.25 inches deep. Tuning tool included.
Gothic Harp 19 string.

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