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The King's Delight | Suzanne Guldimann | Stock Code: 160
The King
The King's Delight: A Collection of Early Music Arranged for Lap Harp, From the earliest known piece of western music to the songs of the medieval troubadours and the dances of the Renaissance, this collection of early music contains 21 songs, airs and dances from England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and ancient Greece. The music is arranged for small harp, but it can also be played on a larger harp, or on any melody instrument. The range of the music is 2-1/2 octaves, from a C up to a G, and can be played on most lap harps, whether their range is C to C, or G to G. Arranged for advanced beginners to intermediate harp players. Each piece includes fingering, lyrics, chord symbols, and historical notes. Illustrated by the author. 48 pages.

Ah Robyn
Alas Departynge Is Ground of Woe
Belle qui tiens ma vie
Ja nuns hons pris
Jouyessance vous donneray
The King's Delight
L'Homme arme
Man Mei Longe
Mayden Lane
Move Now with Measured Sound
Passamezzo d'Italia
Quando Ritrova
Robin m'aime
Seikilos' Song
Shepherd, Saw Thou Not?
Soy contento y vos servido
Western Wynd
Winder wie ist
Zwischen Berg und tiefem Tal

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