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Dowland, John: Fifty Songs. Book 2. High Voice | Dowland, John:Edited by Edmund Fellowes | Stock Code: bk138
Dowland, John: Fifty Songs. Book 2. High Voice - Dowland, John:Edited by Edmund Fellowes
Dowland, John: Fifty Songs. Book 2. High Voice Ref: X6A

Grade 8 - Until April 2009

Edited by Edmund Fellowes

By a fountain where I lay (F sharp - F)
Clear or cloudy (F - F)
Disdain me still (F - G)
Far from triumphing court (E - F sharp)
Farewell unkind (A - G)
Flow not so fast, ye fountains (G - G)
If that a sinner's sighs (F sharp - F sharp)
In darkness let me dwell (E flat - G)
It was a time when silly bees (E - F)
Lady if you so spite me (G - F)
Love those beams (F sharp - G)
Lowest trees have tops (F sharp - F sharp)
Me, me and none but me (B flat - G)
My heart and tongue were twins (D - F sharp)
O what hath overwrought (F sharp - F)
Say love if ever thou didst find (A - F)
Shall I strive with words to move (A - G)
Shall I sue? (G - G)
Sweet stay awhile (G - G)
Tell me true love (F sharp - F sharp)
Time stands still (B flat - F)
Weep you no more sad fountains (D - G)
Were every thought and eye (G - G)
What if I never speed (E - F)
Where sin sore wounding (G - G)

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