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Music for a Medieval Feast | Trouvere | Stock Code: cd0297
Music for a Medieval Feast - Trouvere
The music and merrymaking of a 13th - 14th century feasting hall is brought to life on the latest CD from Trouvere! The range of instruments featured includes bagpipes, flutes, citole, recorder, harp, rebec and percussion to create a lively mix of instrumental music ideal for any medieval banquet.

1. Stella splendens, 2. Miri it is, 3. Quen a omagen, 4. A madre do que livrou, 5. Lauda novela, 6. Por my gran fremosura, 7. Ben pode Santa Maria, 8. La rotta, 9. Como poden, 10. Avirgen mui groriosa, 11. Ductia, 12. Por conforter mon corage, 13. Brid one brere, 14. Gran sendece faz, 15. Ad honorum tui/Audites principes, 16. Parti de mal, 17. Loybere risen, 18. Sumer is icumen in, 19. Marivillosos et piadosos, 20. Comossomos per consello, 21. Santa Maria stella do dia/Quen diz mal, 22. Des oges mais, 23. Quen quer que.
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