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Invitation to Medieval Music Book1 | Thurston Dart | Stock Code: bk0012
Invitation to Medieval Music Book1 - Thurston Dart
Invitation to Medieval Music Book 1
A graded selection of 19 pieces for 1, 2 or 3 voices and instruments, from the earlier 15th century, including compositions by Binchois, Dufay and Dunstable. Effective with any number of singers or players.
ACOURT Je demande ; ANONYMOUS Go heart ;Jeo hay en vos
;Nova, nova ;Nowell sing we ;Se mon cuer ;BENET, John Agnus Dei ;BINCHOIS, Gilles Les tres doulx yeux ;CHIRBURY, Richard Sanctus ;DUFAY, Guillaume Ce jour de l'an ; Quel fronte signorille ;DUNSTABLE, John Gloria
Veni sancte spiritus ;FONTAINE, Pierre J'ayme bien ;GROSSIN of Paris Va-t-ent souspier ;HUGO of Lantins Gloria ;LEGRANT, Guillaume Credo ;REZON Ce rondelet ;VIDE, Jacques Vit encore

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