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The Complete Country Dance | Stock Code: bk0011
The Complete Country Dance
The Complete Country Dance tunes from Playford's Dancing Master
1651 - ca.1728
A complete collection of tunes dating back to Elizabethan times such as All in a Garden Green, Grimstock, Kemp's Jig and Hunsdon House. Can be played on violin, recorder, keyboard, etc.
Includes: A La Mode De France;Adson's Saraband;All In A Garden Green;Aye Me;Blue Cap;Boatman;Bobbing Joe; Broom, Broom, The Bonny, Bonny Broom ;Cast A Bell; Cheerily And Merrily; Chestnut; Confess His Tune
Cuckolds All A Row; Dull Sir John; The Bath; The Beggar Boy; The Chirping Of The Lark; The Country Coll; The Wedding Night

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