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40 O'Carolan Tunes for Harp | Stock Code: bk0006
40 O
- Sylvia Woods, + 2 P&P
Traditional tunes by one of the most famous early harpers. Suitable for beginners and the more advanced player. Each tune comes in two versions - easy and advanced.
Baptist Johnson, Blind Mary, Bridget Cruise, Bumper Squire Jones, Captain Sudley, Carolan's Cap, Carolan's Concerto, Carolan's Dowry, Carolan's Draught, Carolan's Fancy, Carolan's Farewell To Music, Carolan's Quarrel With The Landlady, Carolan's Reciept, Carolan's Welcome, Charles O' Conor, Dr. John Stafford, Eleanor Plunkett, Fanny Power, George Brabazon, Hewlett, Hugh O' Donnell, John Drury, John O' Connor, Kean O' Hara, Lady Athenry, Lady Gethin, Lord Galway's Lamentation, Lord Inchiquin, Maurice O'conor, Morgan Magan, Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. Power, O' Flinn, Planxty Burke, Planxty Crilly, Planxty Drew, Planxty Safaigh, Planxty Sweeny, Sheebeg And Sheemore, Sir Charles Coote, The Clergy's Lamentation, The O'Rorke's Feast, Thomas Morres Jones,

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