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Pastime with Good Company-Suzanne Guldimann | Stock Code: bk0005a
Pastime with Good Company-Suzanne Guldimann
Suzanne Guldimann
Renaissance songs and ballads arranged for the small harp, Suzanne Guldimann's Pastime with Good Company for lap harp features 27 Elizabethan songs and dances. Lyrics are included, along with historical notes on the pieces.

Although Suzanne Guldimann has arranged these songs for lap harps, they are,fun to play on any size harp. The range of the music is 2 octaves, from a C up to a G, and can be played on most lap harps, whether their range is C to C, or G to G. Arranged for advanced beginners to intermediate harp players. Chord symbols are included so that more advanced players, and players with larger harps, can add more notes to the arrangements. Fingerings are included. Suzanne, also a fine artist, created the cover artwork and illustrations. 55 pages, paperbound.

Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, Aim Not Too High, All in a Garden Green,Dargason,The Frog Galliard,The Green Man.Hey Ho, Nobody Home, How Shall I Your True Love Know?,Jog On,Light o'Love,Loath to Depart
Millfield,Pastime With Good Company,Quodling's Delight,Quoth John to Joan
Remember, O Thou Man,Row Well, Ye Mariners,Sellenger's Round,The Shepherd's,Lamentation,The Spanish Pavane,Tomorrow Is St. Valentine's Day,Trenchmore,We Be Three Poor Mariners
Welladay,What If a Day,Who Liveth So Merry,The Woods So Wild

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