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Saxon Lyre - Hearpa, authentic | Stock Code: bmi082a
Saxon Lyre - Hearpa, authentic
Based on remains found in the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial two models of this ancient 6 string Harp/Lyre are available now.

All Busy Mole made harps are made to order please contact us for details. When you contact us we can discuss the wood you would like.

The anglo-saxon harpa produces a bright loud sound for its size and it's unusual nature makes it interesting for re-enactors and musicians of all types.

The image on the right has wooden tuning pins gut strings and a hand shaped tailpiece
Boxwood pegs 20 extra
All instruments are individually made. Please enquire for delivery times.
Saxon Lyre - Hearpa, authentic

Price: £250.00
Postage: £20.00 (UK) | £25.00 (Europe) | £45.00 (North Amercia) | £45.00 (Rest of World)

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