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Invitation to the Partsong Book 7 | Edited by Geoffrey Bush and Michael Hurd | Stock Code: bkps7
Nine glees and madrigals for three and four parts by Atterbury, Baildon, Beale, Hindle, Horsley, Paxton, Pring, Stevens and Webbe.

PAXTON, William Breathe soft, ye winds (TBarB)
BAILDON, Joseph When gay Bacchus (ATB)
STEVENS, R J S Prithee, foolish boy (ATB)
PRING, Jacob Cubitt How bright were the blushes of morn (ATB)
ATTERBURY, Luffman Adieu ye streams (ATBarB)
WEBBE, Samuel Oh gentle Love (ATBarB)
HINDLE, John Queen of the silver bow (ATBarB)
HORSLEY, William Nymphs of the forest (ATBarB)
BEALE, William Come let us join the roundelay (ATBarB)

Price: £5.25
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Invitation to the Partsong Book 6 | Edited by Thurston Dart and Nigel Fortune | Stock Code: bkps6
13 of the finest settings taken from John Dowland: Ayres for Four Voices, originally transcribed as Volume 6 of Musica Britannica by Edmund Fellowes. The Elizabethan and Jacobean lutesongs were often written with alternative versions for voices and lute. This volume is an introductory selection of these Ďairs', with accompaniment which may be played on guitar or keyboard as well as lute.

Burst forth my tears
By a fountain where I lay
Can she excuse my wrongs
Come again sweet love doth now invite
Come away, come sweet love
Come heavy sleep
Fine knacks for ladies
Go crystal tears
If my complaints
Now o now I needs must part
Sleep wayward thoughts
Sweet stay awhile
Weep you no more sad fountains

Price: £5.25
Postage: £2.25 (UK) | £5.00 (Europe) | £8.00 (North Amercia) | £8.00 (Rest of World)

Invitation to the Partsong Book 5 | Edited by Geoffrey Bush and Michael Hurd | Stock Code: bkps5
Four glees and madrigals by Pearsall, Stafford, Smith, Walmisley and S. Wesley.

PEARSALL, R.L. Why weeps, alas! my lady-love
STAFFORD SMITH, J. Blest pair of sirens
WALMISLEY, T.A. Sweete floweres! ye were too faire
WESLEY, Samuel O sing unto mie Roundelaie

Price: £5.25
Postage: £2.25 (UK) | £5.00 (Europe) | £8.00 (North Amercia) | £8.00 (Rest of World)

Invitation to the Partsong Book 4 | Edited by Geoffrey Bush and Michael Hurd | Stock Code: bkps4
Seven glees and madrigals by Horsley, Mornington, Pearsall, Spofforth, Sullivan and T. F. Walmisley.

HORSLEY, William When in the silent midnight grove
MORNINGTON, Lord Here in cool grot
PEARSALL, R. L. Shoot false love, I care not
Sweet as a flower in May
SPOFFORTH, Reginald Come bounteous May
SULLIVAN, Arthur Joy and sorrow alternate
WALMISLEY, Thomas Music, all powerful

Price: £5.25
Postage: £2.25 (UK) | £5.00 (Europe) | £8.00 (North Amercia) | £8.00 (Rest of World)

Invitation to the Partsong Book 3 | Edited by Geoffrey Bush and Michael Hurd | Stock Code: bkps3
Seven settings of words by Shakespeare: by Bishop, Cooke, Hatton, Macfarren, Stevens and Webbe.

BISHOP, Henry Come thou monarch of the vine (4-part)
COOKE, Benjamin Hark! Hark! the lark (4-part)
HATTON, John Over hill, over dale (4-part)
MACFARREN, George Fear no more (4-part)
STEVENS, Richard Crabbed age and youth (4-part)
It was a lover and his lass (5-part)
WEBBE, Samuel (Junior) Who is Sylvia? (4-part)

Price: £5.25
Postage: £2.25 (UK) | £5.00 (Europe) | £8.00 (North Amercia) | £8.00 (Rest of World)

Invitation to the Partsong Book 2 | Edited by Geoffrey Bush and Michael Hurd | Stock Code: bkps2
12 easy glee-type settings by 18th- and 19th-century composers working in London. SATB

BATTISHILL, Jonathan Amidst the myrtles
BEALE, William To a kiss
BENEDICT, Julius Dirge for a faithful lover
BENNETT, W. Sterndale Come live with me
COOKE, Benjamin Epitaph on a Dormouse
HAYES, William Melting airs
HORSLEY, William Hear my ChloŽ
MACFARREN, Walter Lovers' parting
PAXTON, Stephen How sweet, how fresh
SPOFFORTH, Reginald Hail smiling morn
SULLIVAN, Arthur Long day closes
WEBBE, Samuel As the moments roll

Price: £5.25
Postage: £2.25 (UK) | £5.00 (Europe) | £8.00 (North Amercia) | £8.00 (Rest of World)

Invitation to the Partsong Book 1 | Edited by Geoffrey Bush and Michael Hurd | Stock Code: bkps1
30 rounds and catches for equal voices from 18th- and 19th-century England.
ARNE, Thomas Interrupted assignation (3-part)
Playhouse hubbub (4-part)
BAILDON, Joseph Mr Speaker (3-part)
On a dram of liquor (4-part)
Strephon and Chloe (3-part)
BATES, William Comical fellow (3-part)
BATTISHILL, Jonathan Hapless lover (4-part)
I loved thee beautiful and kind (3-part)
CALLCOTT, John Ah! how Sophie (3-part)
Historians (3-part)
COOKE, Thomas Let's have a catch (4-part)
DANBY, John Poor Jane (3-part)
HARRINGTON, Henry Arrival at Bath (3-part)
Laughing catch (3-part)
HAYES, William Repentance (3-part)
Sophocles' tomb (3-part)
HORSLEY, William Pastoral (4-part)
Sweet are the blushes (3-part)
MORNINGTON, Earl of Kiss and tell (3-part)
PAXTON, Stephen Holy matrimony (3-part)
SMITH, John Stafford Elegy (4-part)
STEVENS, Richard Stock-jobbers (5-part)
WEBBE, Samuel Arabella Young (4-part)
Between two fires (3-part)
Celia's charms (4-part)
Come dearest love (3-part)
My favourite swain (3-part)
Now we are met (3-part)
Riot, The (5-part)
Stay, Daphne, stay (3-part)

Price: £5.25
Postage: £2.25 (UK) | £5.00 (Europe) | £8.00 (North Amercia) | £8.00 (Rest of World)

Passetime With Good Company | Jeremy Summerly, editor | Stock Code: 158
Faber Choral Series SATB

A fascinating collection exploring the musical riches from a most colourful period, the Middle Ages. Reflecting the atmosphere of a time where disease and sudden death were counterbalanced by faith and 'joie de vivre', this volume contrasts sacred settings such as the ever-popular 'Gaudete Christus est natus' and previously unpublished 'Jesu dulcis memoria' with such medieval secular classics as 'Sumer is icumen in', 'Agincourt Carol' and the celebratory 'Passetime with good company'.

Price: £3.95
Postage: £2.25 (UK) | £5.00 (Europe) | £8.00 (North Amercia) | £8.00 (Rest of World)

Gaudete | Jeremy Summerly, editor | Stock Code: 157

Faber Choral Series SSA

This substantial collection of medieval songs is a perfect introduction to the treasures of an extraordinary and colourful musical period. Sacred settings, including the ever-popular Gaudete and There is no rose, contrast with such secular favourites as Agincourt Carol. It functions as a great self-contained programme.

Agincourt Carol
Tempus adest floridum
Cedit hyems eminus
Divinum mysterium
Aetas carmen melodiae
Angelus ad virginem
Ave Maria
The Boar's Head Carol
Resonet in Laudibus
There is no Rose
Personent hodie
Gaudete Christus est natus

Price: £3.95
Postage: £2.25 (UK) | £5.00 (Europe) | £8.00 (North Amercia) | £8.00 (Rest of World)

Fair Oriana | Jeremy Summerly, editor | Stock Code: 156
Faber Choral Series

Elizabeth I, 'Fair Oriana', was one of the most remarkable monarchs in English history: she was well educated, strong, fearless and wise. Towards the end of her reign a musical anthology entitled 'The Triumphs of Oriana' was assembled in order to flatter and divert her. Four superb works from this anthology - plus a fifth, 'Oriana's Farewell' - provide a delightful sequence of madrigals in celebration of the Virgin Queen. This collection of masterpieces from England's Golden Age was published to celebrate the golden jubilee of her namesake, Elizabeth II.


Price: £3.95
Postage: £2.25 (UK) | £5.00 (Europe) | £8.00 (North Amercia) | £8.00 (Rest of World)

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