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35 Pieces from 'The Mulliner Book' |  Edited by Denis Stevens | Stock Code: bk208
35 Pieces from 'The Mulliner Book'

Edited by Denis Stevens

ALLWOOD, Richard (Voluntary)
ANONYMOUS (I smile to see how you devise; La Bounette; La Doune cella; La Shye myze; Maiden's Song)
BLITHEMAN, John (Alias Eterne Rerum; Eterne Rerum (51); Eterne Rerum (52); Eterne Rerum Conditor; Gloria Tibi Trinitas 1; Gloria Tibi Trinitas 2; Gloria Tibi Trinitas 3; Gloria Tibi Trinitas 4; Gloria Tibi Trinitas 5; Gloria Tibi Trinitas 6)
CARLETON, Nicholas (Gloria Tibi Trinitas)
EDWARDS, Richard (In going to my Naked Bed; When Griping Griefs)
FARRANT, Richard (Felix Namque)
HEATH, John (Christe qui lux es et Dies)
JOHNSON, Robert (Defiled is my Name)
NEWMAN (Pavan)
REDFORD, John (Aurora Lucis with a Meane; Christe qui lux with a Meane; Glorificamus; Iste Confessor with a Meane; O Lux on the Faburden; Veni Redemptor)
TALLIS, Thomas (Ex More Docti Mistico; Iam Lucis orto Sidere; Natus est Nobis; O Ye Tender Babes)
TAVERNER, John (In Nomine)
WHITE, Robert (In Nomine)

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The 'Lynar' Virginal Book | Edited by Pieter Dirksen | Stock Code: bk207
The 'Lynar' Virginal Book

Twelve pieces by John Bull, Giles and Richard Farnaby, Orlando Gibbons, Leonhard Woodson and others are here collected to make an attractive anthology of English keyboard music found in the precious Lynar A manuscripts, which also contain primary sources for the keyboard music of Sweelinck, Peter Philips and Tarquinio Merula. Edited by Pieter Dirksen.

ANONYMOUS: (A toij; Courant; Courant; Masque; O neijbour Robert; Robin)
BULL, John: (Bonni swet Robin; My Grief)
FARNABY, Giles: (Kempes Moris)
FARNABY, Richard: (Flet Stret)
GIBBONS, Orlando: (The Queenes Command)
WOODSON, Leonhard: (Malle Siemon)

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The Fingering of Virginal Music |  Edited by Peter le Huray | Stock Code: bk206
The Fingering of Virginal Music

Edited by Peter le Huray. A selection of pieces including works by Byrd, Bull and Gibbons newly transcribed with the original fingerings given in the ms.

BEVIN, Edward (Prelude)
BULL, John (Galliard; Miserere; Prelude; Prelude (attributed); Preludium; Why aske you? (attributed))
BYRD, William (Fortune)
GIBBONS, Orlando (Italian Ground; Preludium; Whoop, do me no harm good man)

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John Blow's Anthology | Froberger, Fischer and Strungk | Stock Code: bk205
John Blow's Anthology

A collection of 20 pieces by Froberger, Fischer and Strungk in the hand of John Blow, transcribed and edited from the ms. in the Brussels Conservatoire by Davitt Moroney.

BLOW, John (Ground in E minor)
FISCHER, Johann (Chaconne in G major; Suite in D major; Suite in E minor; Suite in F major)
FROBERGER, Johann (Capriccio in D minor; Cappricio in G major; Fantasia on 'Sol La Re'; Ricercar in D minor; Ricercar in E minor; Suite in D minor; Toccata 1 in A minor; Toccata 2 in D minor; Toccata 3 in E minor; Toccata 4 in G major; Toccata 5 in C major; Toccata 6 in G minor; Toccata 7 in F major; Toccata 8 in G major)
STRUNGK, Delphin (Capriccio in F major)

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Early Scottish Keyboard Music |  Edited by Kenneth Elliott | Stock Code: bk204
Early Scottish Keyboard Music

Edited by Kenneth Elliott. A transcription of the ms. Panmure 10 in the National Library of Scotland, known as 'Duncan Burnett's Book' c.1610. 10 keyboard pieces by William Kinloch, Duncan Burnett and others, together with a short selection of Scots airs for cittern and for violin.

ANONYMOUS (Almayne; Coranto; Galliard; Green grows the rushes (Violin); Ile of Rea (Cittern); Jhon come kisse me noue (Cittern); Kathren Oggie (Violin); Last time I came over the mure (Violin); Laydie Louthian's lilte (Cittern); Pavan: The queine of Inglands Lessoune; Sueit smylling Katie loves me (Cittern))
BURNETT, Duncan (Pavan)
JOHNSON, Edward (Pavan: Jhonstounis delyt)
KINLOCH, William (Galliard of the Lang paven; Kinloche his Fantassie; Kinloch his Lang pavane)
LASSO, Orlando di (Sussanna (Un Jour))

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Parthenia |  Edited by Thurston Dart | Stock Code: bk203

Edited by Thurston Dart. A critical edition of the famous book first published in 1612-13, with 21 pieces by Byrd, Bull and Gibbons.

BULL, John (Galiardo in D (XIIII); Galiardo in D (XV); Galiardo: St Thomas Wake; Galiardo to Pavana 12; Pavana in G; Pavana: St Thomas Wake; Preludium in G)
BYRD, William (Galiardo: Mistress Mary Brownlo; Galiardo Secundo: The Earl of Salisbury; Galiardo: Sir William Petre; Galiardo: The Earl of Salisbury; Pavana: Sir William Petre; Pavana: The Earl of Salisbury; Preludium in C; Preludium in G)
GIBBONS, Orlando (Fantazia of Four Parts; Galiardo in C; Galiardo: The Earl of Salisbury; Lord of Salisbury his Pavin; Preludium in G; Queen's Command)

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Musick's Handmaid: The Second Part |  Transcribed and edited by Thurston Dar | Stock Code: bk202
Musick's Handmaid: The Second Part

Transcribed and edited by Thurston Dart from the publication of 1689 of 35 easy pieces mostly by John Blow and Henry Purcell.

Old Simon the King

BLOW, John
Gavot; Gavot in Gamut; Jigg; Mortlack's Ground; Saraband; Saraband in C fa ut; Theatre Tune (William Mountfort)

DRAGHI, Giovanni
Ground: Scocca Pur'

FORCER, Francis
Almand; Corant

MOTLEY, Richard
Motley's Maggot

Ayre; March (4); March (9); Minuet (14); Minuet (15); Minuet (29); New Ground; New Irish Tune (Lilliburlero); New Minuet; New Scotch Tune; Riggadoon; Sefauchi's Farewell; Song Tune (3); Song Tune (5); Suit of Lessons

SNOW, Moses
Chaconne; Jigg

TURNER, William

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Musick's Handmaid: The First Part |  Transcribed and edited by Thurston Dart. | Stock Code: bk201
Musick's Handmaid: The First Part

Transcribed and edited by Thurston Dart from Playford's original publication of 80 short pieces by the major composers of the mid-17th century.


Alman; Bow Bells; Canaries; Corant; Corant 'La Chabott'; Corant 'La Montague'; Corant 'Le Mounseer'; Country Dance; Digby's Farewell; Duke of York's March; First Saraband; Freeman's Delight; Gerard's Mistress; Glory of the West; Grange; Hay; Highlanders' March; Holles' Farewell; Hunsdon House; Jocobella; King's Delight; Lady Sandy's; Delight; Mitter Rant; Montrose's March; New Minuet; Parthenia; Pleasant Spring; Princess Royal; Queen's Mask; Running Bourée; Saraband (15); Saraband (23); Saraband (58); Saraband Royal; Scottish March; Second Saraband; Sellinger's Round; Tune of the 6th Psalm: 'Windsor Tune'; Tune of the 25th Psalm; Tune of the 71st Psalm: 'York Tune'; Tune of the 95th Psalm: 'St David's Tune';

BRYAN, Albertus
Ayre (59); Ayre (62); Corant; Saraband (61); Saraband (63)

BULL, John

GIBBS, Thomas
Lord Monck's March


Italian Rant

LAWES, William
Ayre; Corant (8); Corant (46); Golden Grove; Saraband (9); Saraband (47); Saraband (49); Symphony

LOCKE, Matthew
Alman; Antic Dance; Apes' Dance; Ayre (66); Ayre (68); Bondman's Dance; Cimmerians' Dance; Saraband (65); Saraband (67); Saraband (69)

MELL, Davis

MOSS, John

PRATT, Thomas
Ayre called 'Corke'; Saraband to 'Corke'

ROGERS, Benjamin
Ayre; Corant; Jigg; Saraband

SANDLEY, Benjamin
Ayre; Corant; Jigg; Saraband

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Intabolatura Nova di Ballo | Edited by Thurston Dart and William Oxenbury | Stock Code: bk200
Intabolatura Nova di Ballo

Edited by Thurston Dart and William Oxenbury. A collection of 25 dances by Italian composers, originally printed in Venice, 1551. Transcribed from the copy in the Liceo Musicale, Bologna.

Gagliarda 'Cathaccio'; Gagliarda 'Comadrina'; Gagliarda 'El Poverin'; Gagliarda 'Fantina'; Gagliarda 'Fornerina'; Gagliarda 'Gamba'; Gagliarda 'Gonelia'; Gagliarda 'La Canella'; Gagliarda 'La vien dal porto'; Gagliarda 'L'herba fresca'; Gagliarda 'Lodesana'; Gagliarda 'Mezza notte'; Gagliarda 'Moneghina'; Gagliarda 'Tu te parti'; Gagliarda 'Venetiana'; La Forze d'Hercole; Passamezzo antico I; Fassamezzo antico II; Passamezzo antico III; Passamezzo nuovo I; Passamezzo nuovo II; Passamezzo nuovo III; Pavana 'Fusi'; Saltarello 'A la O'; Saltarello del Re

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Fitzwilliam Virginal Book |  Edited by Thurston Dart | Stock Code: bk199
Fitzwilliam Virginal Book

Edited by Thurston Dart. 24 pieces selected and edited from the ms. in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, copied by Francis Tregian between 1609 and 1619.

ANONYMOUS (Almain in G; Alman in G minor; Corranto in A minor; Corranto in D minor; Corranto in F; Corranto in G; Irish Dump; Irish Ho-hoane; Muscadin; Toy; Watkins Ale; Why ask you?)
FARNABY, Richard (Fain would I wed (setting of Campion))
DOWLAND, John (Can she excuse?)
HOLBORNE, Anthony (Nowel's Galliard)
HOOPER, Edmund (Alman; Corranto)
JOHNSON, Robert (Alman in C; Alman in D; Alman in D minor)
PEERSON, Martin (Alman; Fall of the Leaf; Primrose)
PHILIPS, Peter (Galliarda)

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