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Invitation to Medieval Music Book 6 | John Stevens (Editor) | Stock Code: bk0017
Invitation to Medieval Music Book 6
A selection of 16 medieval carols from Musica Britannica Volume 4 for 1 - 3 voices and/or instruments.

Alma redemptoris mater (3-part)
Anglia tibi turbidas (3-part)
Be merry, be merry (2-part)
Deo Gracias Anglia (2-part)
Ecce, quod natura (2-part)
Enforce we us (2-part)
Go day my lord (2-part)
Ivy is good and glad (3-part)
Jesu fili Virginis (3-part)
Lullay lullow: I saw (2-part)
Marvel not Joseph (3-part)
Nova nova (unison)
Nowell: tidings true (unison)
Nowell sing we (2-part)
Of a rose sing we (2-part)
There is no rose (2-part)

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Invitation to Medieval Music Book 5 | John Stevens (Editor) | Stock Code: bk0016
Invitation to Medieval Music Book 5
Partsongs from the Court of Henry VIII. This collection from Musica Britannica Volume 18 has 12 partsongs for 3, 4 and 5-part mixed consorts of voices and/or instruments, including the well-known 'Blow thy horn, hunter', 'I have been a foster', and 'Ah Robin'.
ANONYMOUS And I were a maiden (5-part)
England be glad (3-part) I am a jolly foster (3-part) Madame d'amours (4-part) Pray we to God (3-part) Where be ye, my love? (3-part)
COOPER, Robert I have been a foster (3-part)
CORNISH, William (Jnr) Adieu mes amours (4-part) :Ah Robin, gentle Robin (3-part) :Blow thy horn hunter (3-part) : My love she mourneth (3-part)
PRIORIS, Johannes Dulcis amica (3-part)
PYGOTT, Richard Quid petis, o fili (4-part)

Price: £5.25
Postage: £2.25 (UK) | £5.00 (Europe) | £8.00 (North Amercia) | £8.00 (Rest of World)

Invitation to Medieval Music Book 4 | Brian Trowell (Editor) | Stock Code: bk0015
Invitation to Medieval Music Book 4 £

A more advanced selection of 11 pieces for 1, 2 or 3 voices and/or instruments from the mid 15th century.
ANONYMOUS Amoroso ; La danse de Cleves; Mort, j'appelle de ta rigueur
Quant je suis la nuyt couchée
; Sancta Maria virgo ; BUSNOIS, Antoine Je ne puis vivre ainsi ; DUNSTABLE, John O rosa bella ; GHIZEGHEM Hayne van Allez regretz ; GULIELMUS, Magister Basse dance: La Spagna ; SOURSBY Sanctus ; WREDE, Johannes Nunca fué pena mayor

Price: £5.25
Postage: £2.25 (UK) | £5.00 (Europe) | £8.00 (North Amercia) | £8.00 (Rest of World)

Invitation to Medieval Music Book 3 | Brian Trowell (Editor) | Stock Code: bk0014
Invitation to Medieval Music Book 3
A more advanced selection of 9 compositions for 1 - 4 voices and/or instruments written in the mid 15th century.
ANONYMOUS Anxci bon youre ; BENET, John Tellus purpurium - Splendida flamigero ; BINCHOIS, Gilles Je ne vis oncques ; DUFAY, Guillaume O très piteulx; DUNSTABLE, John Speciosa facta es ; FRANKES Quene note ; MORTON, Robert Il sera pour vous conbatu - L'homme armé
OCKEGHEM, Johannes Mort, tu as navré ; POWER, Lionel Mater ora filium

Price: £5.25
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Invitation to Medieval Music Book 2 | Thurston Dart (Editor) | Stock Code: bk0013

19 compositions for 2 - 5 voices and/or instruments by 14 different European composers writing in the later 15th century.
ANONYMOUS Dit le bourguignon : Novo profusi gaudio Rompeltier :BINCHOIS, :Gilles Seule esgarée :BUSNOIS, Antoine Noel :COMPÈRE, Loyset O bone Jesu :DUFAY, Guillaume Credo (part 1):FINCK, Heinrich Gloria laus :FRYE, Walter Gloria (part 1)
GHIZEGHEM, Hayne van De tous biens pleine :ISAAC, Hendryk La Morra
MORTON, Robert N'aurai-je jamais mieux :OBRECHT, Jacob Meskin es hu
OCKEGHEM, Johannes Kyrie Prenez sur moi
PREZ, Josquin des Adieu mes amours
Sanctus :STOCKEM, Johannes Brunette :WEERBECKE, Gaspar van Tenebrae factae sunt

Price: £5.25
Postage: £2.25 (UK) | £5.00 (Europe) | £8.00 (North Amercia) | £8.00 (Rest of World)

Invitation to Medieval Music Book1 | Thurston Dart | Stock Code: bk0012
Invitation to Medieval Music Book 1
A graded selection of 19 pieces for 1, 2 or 3 voices and instruments, from the earlier 15th century, including compositions by Binchois, Dufay and Dunstable. Effective with any number of singers or players.
ACOURT Je demande ; ANONYMOUS Go heart ;Jeo hay en vos
;Nova, nova ;Nowell sing we ;Se mon cuer ;BENET, John Agnus Dei ;BINCHOIS, Gilles Les tres doulx yeux ;CHIRBURY, Richard Sanctus ;DUFAY, Guillaume Ce jour de l'an ; Quel fronte signorille ;DUNSTABLE, John Gloria
Veni sancte spiritus ;FONTAINE, Pierre J'ayme bien ;GROSSIN of Paris Va-t-ent souspier ;HUGO of Lantins Gloria ;LEGRANT, Guillaume Credo ;REZON Ce rondelet ;VIDE, Jacques Vit encore

Price: £5.25
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The Complete Country Dance | Stock Code: bk0011
The Complete Country Dance tunes from Playford's Dancing Master
1651 - ca.1728
A complete collection of tunes dating back to Elizabethan times such as All in a Garden Green, Grimstock, Kemp's Jig and Hunsdon House. Can be played on violin, recorder, keyboard, etc.
Includes: A La Mode De France;Adson's Saraband;All In A Garden Green;Aye Me;Blue Cap;Boatman;Bobbing Joe; Broom, Broom, The Bonny, Bonny Broom ;Cast A Bell; Cheerily And Merrily; Chestnut; Confess His Tune
Cuckolds All A Row; Dull Sir John; The Bath; The Beggar Boy; The Chirping Of The Lark; The Country Coll; The Wedding Night

Price: £15.95
Postage: £2.25 (UK) | £5.00 (Europe) | £8.00 (North Amercia) | £8.00 (Rest of World)

Henry VIII: Thirty-five Compositions | Stock Code: bk0010
Henry VIII: Thirty-five Compositions
Truly a Renaissance prince, he was also a gifted composer who excelled in portraying the pleasures of courtly life through words and music. This book contains all his compositions - songs and consort music, but not Greensleeves!
The volume reproduces a remarkable songbook preserved from the early years of the reign, which contains vocal works and instrumental compositions, some of which are by the king himself, and is a unique record of the ceremonies, entertainments and ‘goode dysporttys' of courtly life.
Full of fascination not only for musicians but also for social and literary historians, it offers a glimpse of the many-sided activities of the poets and performers around the young monarch, famed for his youthful prowess, whether jousting at Greenwich or vying in splendour with Francis I at the Field of the Cloth of Gold.
CONTENTS; Adieu madame et ma maistresse ;Alack, alack what shall I do;Alas, what shall I do;Consort II;Consort III;Consort IV;Consort V;Consort VIII;Consort XII;Consort XIII;Consort XIV;Consort XV;Consort XVI;Consort XXII;Consort XXIII;Departure is my chief pain;En vray amoure;Gentil price de renom;Green groweth the holly;Helas madame;If love now reigned (I);If love now reigned (II);It is to me a right great joy;Lusty youth should us ensue;O my heart;Pastime with good company (I);Pastime with good company (II);Taunder naken;The time of youth;Though some saith;Though that men do call;Whereto should I express;Whoso that will all feats;Whoso that will for grace sue Without discord

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