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Trapezium Psaltery | Stock Code: bmi080
All Busy Mole made harps are made to order please contact us for details of and to order your harp. When you contact us we can discuss the wood used and any personalization you may require

The plucked psaltery was in many ways the forerunner of keyboard instruments such as the harpsichord, strings resonating over a soundboard and plucked with either the fingers, a quill or a plectrum.

Plucked psalteries came in many shapes the earliest being simple rectangulat boxes and developing into the elegant curves of the Pigsnout psaltery.

The Trapezium Psaltery, is a small, light and highly portable instrument, and it's 15 strings produce a bright sound. It makes an ideal gift for beginners, and fits in well with the medieval and early Tudor periods.

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